Episode 7: Ellie Phillips, DDS (Part 1) Changing the Face of Dentistry - a no drill, no cavity model

Dr. Ellie Phillps discusses her book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, and her vision of the new paradigm of dentistry.  She promotes prevention in some unconventional ways and is also at the forefront of the oral systemic movement in dentistry, a model which directly links oral health with systemic disease and prevention.

Interview conducted by Rochester, NY chiropractor Dr. Brett L. Kinsler.

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Episode 6: Dr. Tim Mirtz on Athletic Trainer and PT Perceptions of Chiropractors

Timothy Mirtz, DC PhD is an Assistant Professor of Adapted Physical Education and Health at the University of South Dakota. He’s been published in numerous peer reviewed journals and chiropractic periodicals writing articles that often examine controversial topics and nearly always spark important discussions. In this episode, he speaks with Dr. Brett Kinsler about the perceptions athletic trainers and physical therapists have about chiropractors.

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Episode 5: Dr. Brian Nathanson on Breast Cancer Survivors and Manual Treatments

I caught up with Dr. Brian Nathanson of Norwalk, CT who is doing some amazing things with post-surgical and post-radiation breast cancer patients.

Interview produced and conducted by Dr. Brett L. Kinsler of Rochester, NY. Theme music by Derek K. Miller.

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Episode 4: Dr. John Ventura on NCQA Back Pain Recognition Program

John Ventura, DC, is a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and a clinical instructor in family medicine for the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is also an associate clinical professor at New York Chiropractic College.  Dr. Ventura serves as a chiropractic consultant to numerous insurance companies. He stopped by to discuss with Dr. Brett Kinsler the NCQA Back Pain Recognition Program (BPRP). This program seeks to recognize medical physicians, surgeons and chiropractors who deliver superior care to millions of Americans who suffer from low back pain.

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Episode 3: Dr. Michael Schneider on Primary Spine Care

Michael Schneider, DC, PhD is an assistant professor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and the immediate past president of the West Hartford Group, a chiropractic think tank.  Dr. Schneider spoke with me over Skype about the role chiropractic should play in the 21st century.  His vision is of the chiropractor as a primary spine care  practitioner and the doctor of choice for musculoskeletal conditions.  He is as well published as he is well spoken in this discussion.

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