Ep 16: Edzard Ernst, CAM Critic, on Chiropractic and Bias

Professor Edzard Ernst, MD, PhD, FRCP, FRCP holds the Laing Chair in Complementary Medicine at the Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter and is the Editor-in-Chief of two medical journals. He has also been seen as a major public opponent of chiropractic and alternative medicine.  He has devoted most of his career to publishing articles that are critical of complementary and alternative medicine....an unbelievable number of papers.  Like 1500 or so.  He’s been especially critical of chiropractic and, in the opinion of many researchers, has glossed over important research and exaggerated results.  To me, what’s most interesting about Ernst is that he claims objectivity and lack of agenda.  This podcast asks some tough questions of Prof. Ernst.

Transcript of this interview (courtesy of Blue_Wode)

Risk of Vertebrobasilar Stroke and Chiropractic Care. Cassidy, J David DC, PhD, DrMedSc et al.

Trick or Treatment: The Undeniable Facts about Alternative Medicine by Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh

Another book by Ernst: The Desktop Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach

The Self-Importance of Being Ernst by Stephen Perle

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Interview conducted by Dr. Brett L. Kinsler

Note: this audio file was changed on January 26, 2011. The original recording included several minutes of my own commentary that I later decided to remove. I urge you to make your own decision about this interview and leave your comments below  -- BLK

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Ep 15: Dr. Leonard John Faye on Paradigm Shifts in Chiropractic, Motion Palpation and the VSC

Leonard "John" Faye is best known for driving a major change in the theoretical framework of chiropractic in the early 1980's.  He helped chiropractors in the United States move from a faith-based static "bone out of place" model to a dynamic, movement based, functional model. He was a leader in the paradigm shift from a philosophical method to a more scientific model of explaining what chiropractors do.

Dr. Faye founded the Motion Palpation Institute and helped start Dynamic Chiropractic, the most widely read chiropractic trade newspaper.  He talks about these things in the podcast interview in addition to discussing his formulation of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex model.  Dr. Faye talks openly about what was wrong with the VSC model and how it has been misinterpreted over the years.

Dr. Faye has recently redone the old MPI videos which were instrumental in helping thousands of chiropractors perfect their manual adjusting skills and now has over 6 hours of all new digitally filmed spinal & extremity palpation and manipulation technique videos on a 2 DVD set.

Dr. Faye's Spinal and Extremity Adjusting DVD's

Thomas Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - The scientist who coined the term "Paradigm Shift"

The Stress of Life by Hans Selye

Motion Palpation Institute

Interview with Dr. Leonard "John" Faye conducted with Dr. Brett L. Kinsler, Rochester, NY chiropractor.

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Ep 14: Dr. Warren Hammer on Fascial Manipulation, Stecco & Soft Tissue

Warren Hammer, DC is arguably the foremost chiropractor involved in the soft tissue world today. He brings his knowledge working with Luigi Stecco, PT to the seminar series he is teaching and his prior experience in learning, teaching and developing soft tissue techniques.  Dr. Hammer candidly talks about his progression from back when he "knew nothing" through his 50 years in practice.  He discusses the importance of fascia, his thoughts on Active Release Technique, FAKTR-PM and Graston Technique and why he feels Stecco's fascial manipulation work is so groundbreaking.

Warren Hammer's Website

Fascial Manipulation Workshops

Dynamic Chiropractic Soft Tissue Column

Functional Soft-Tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods, Third Edition - Hammer's excellent textbook

Luigi Stecco's Books

Interview conducted by Rochester, NY chiropractor Dr. Brett L. Kinsler

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