Episode 8: Ellie Phillips DDS (part 2) removal of mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals and more

Ellie Phillips, DDS returns to talk about root canals, Weston Price, fluoride, mercury fillings, better looking babies through breast feeding and safer alternatives to tooth whitening.

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Episode 7: Ellie Phillips, DDS (Part 1) Changing the Face of Dentistry - a no drill, no cavity model

Dr. Ellie Phillps discusses her book Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye, and her vision of the new paradigm of dentistry.  She promotes prevention in some unconventional ways and is also at the forefront of the oral systemic movement in dentistry, a model which directly links oral health with systemic disease and prevention.

Interview conducted by Rochester, NY chiropractor Dr. Brett L. Kinsler.

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