Ep 25: Dr. David Seaman, Chiropractor and Nutritionist on Chronic Inflammation, Diet and Nutrition

Is inflammation a good thing or a bad thing? Sometimes, the fact that the body gets inflamed is beneficial - swelling caused by acute inflammation following an injury can help promote healing and fight local infection. It's an appropriate immune response. But another kind of inflammation, a chronic sort, can occur throughout the body, and over long periods of time may actually increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. Chronic inflammation is kind of a glitch in the system -- a feedback loop gone awry. How do you test for the presence of this chronic inflammation and, if it is present, what should we do about it? In this podcast episode of On The Other Hand, we hear from Dr. David Seaman, chiropractor, professor at National University of Health Sciences in St Petersburg Fl. and the producer of the website Deflame.com. He's an expert in the connection between nutrition and chronic inflammation.

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